How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation in Illinois

Being prepared for divorce mediation in Illinois is always a good idea. When you are fully prepared for your mediation meeting, things will more smoothly, and you can accomplish more.

Below are some tips to make the mediation process simpler and be better prepared for your meeting with your Illinois divorce mediation lawyer.

Write Down Questions You Want to Ask

If you have questions that you want to get answered, make a detailed list of your questions before you meet with your divorce mediation attorney. This will help you feel more comfortable with the mediation process.

Write Down Your Desired Outcome

Divorce can be complicated because of all the emotions involved. Make a realistic list of the desired outcome you would like to get as part of the mediation process. This will help you stay focused during the process and work toward your preferred end result.

Write Down Your Negotiation Terms

Part of divorce negotiations is give-and-take. Make a list for yourself of the things you are willing to give up or negotiate on. Make sure that you are willing to compromise and give up certain things to get other things.

Bring All Supporting Documentation

It is better to bring too much documentation than not bring the necessary documentation. If you have been given a list of items to bring, make sure that you have everything organized in an orderly fashion.

Arrive Early for All Meetings

Prepare in advance to be early for your meeting. Give yourself enough time for unforeseen circumstances, such as accidents or emergencies. Delaying the appointment or rescheduling can delay the divorce process by weeks or longer.

It can be challenging to schedule multiple parties’ schedules, and it is important to be respectful of everyone’s time. You do not want to delay the process unnecessarily, so make sure you arrive early or at least on time.

Do You Need Divorce Mediation in Illinois?

Sometimes it takes a third party to work out the more complex issues involved in a divorce settlement. Because of this, it is advisable to use a divorce mediation attorney. The mediator is a third party that does not have obligations to either side and can provide an unbiased outside look at the issues.

Call Rincker Law at (217) 531-2179 and schedule an appointment with an Illinois divorce mediation attorney. A skilled, experienced mediator can help you get closer to your desired outcome.




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