About Rincker Transitions

The Rincker Transitions team is passionate about helping families transition smoothly from one chapter to the next and help those involved navigate the divorce or separation process.  We are an arm of Rincker Law, PLLC, a nationally recognized law practice focusing on Food, Farm and Family.
Cari Rincker is licensed in Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas, Kentucky and the District of Columbia.  She is a trained mediator and is passionate about using Alternative Dispute Resolution (including Online Dispute Resolution) to help families.
She has developed a system where folks can simplify the process for divorce and separation but working through a questionnaire and discussing the issues with the other party.  The duo can decide what issues are still in dispute and Cari Rincker or a trained mediator on her Transitions team can help mediate the remaining issues either in person or virtually using Zoom or other videoconference technology.
After an agreement on the remaining issues is (hopefully!) reached then a member of the Transitions team will help draft the agreements for review by the parties.  Each party is encouraged to have his or her separate counsel; referrals for consulting attorneys can be made upon request.

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